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Powerslave, more than just a Powerpack, since 2000.

The Powerslave starter guarantees the maximum of safety for both the user and the hardware of the car/truck. An unusually high degree of protection is assured thanks to carefully designed electronic circuitry providing a constant and even voltage. This makes the use of te Powerslave power pack perfectly safe whit regard to the delicate and often highly expensive engine management and other electronic components of the vehicle. the apparatus delivers a current only when this is necessary, and more particulary, when it is completely safe to do so. The Powerslave power pack can start the engine when the car/truck battery(s) is weak or dead, and even when there is no battery(s) at all. The Powerslave power pack can also be used as backup to the car memory when the battery is being replaced, keeping alive the radio, clock, alarm system, motor management, etc. Als with generator test and dual battery test.

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